Style Breakdown: 9 of Spring's Strangest Heels

With the weather starting to warm up, designers are rolling their tan and toe-airing footwear. Scrolling through my trusty online shops, I've noticed an influx of interesting plaforms--some beauties, some beasts. Here's just a handful of Spring's strangest shoe styles.

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Frame by United Nude - $545.00,
United Nude has some of the most structually fascinating shoes on the market right now, and no wonder: The line was founded by an architect and shoemaker. I can easily imagine a 50 ft version of these installed in a public space. Modern buildings and modern heels are both in the business of defying gravity, right?
Two Hundred by Ego and Greed - $89.99,
Dubbed the "flatform" I was surprised to see shoemakers return to the sole that ravers, Spice Girls and Misfits (think creepers) made popular back in 90s. In a sandal, it just feels like treatment for an orthopedic ailment.

Leopard Open Toe Platform by Estelle - $750.00,
An almost flatform, its not so much the shape as the colors that make me cringe. It's not so much leopard, as it is a block of melted, crispy cheese. Combined with the meaty/bacon-y silk ruffles and shiny surface, these shoes are more fit for a greasy diner than for an equally greasy disco.

Femmes by Gee Wa Wa - $219.95,
Despire the oppressively heavy looking platform and the fact it looks like a headless cat cartoon when you squint, this style has a wonderful balance between feminine and badass. Dubbed a "claw" heel, the cut out platform actually reminds me of the Shel Silverstein book The Missing Piece.

Ferme by Jeffrey Campbell - $222.00,
File these under "Are You Serious?" These are true platforms because they look like shoes from the Medieval Times costume closet standing on their own little stages. There's no attempt to blend the two pieces, at least have the suede part of the heel be wood? An awful case of leftovers being tossed together.

Space Wood Wedge Sandal by Minimarket - $369.95,
Finally, a stylish solution to Shape-Ups! Ok maybe not, but this salad bowl-round platform is a solution to the chucky wedge without being too clunky. A great Swedish brand, their sunglasses are worth checking out as well.

Monroe Python Wedge by Carin Wester - $348.00,
They may not seem strange now, but do a Google Image search on "foot binding" and you'll see why the color and placement of the platform notch weirds me out.

Skate by Jeffrey Campbell - $214.95,
I guess the idea was to look like an old fashioned ice skate or sled, but to me it looks like scraps from a rocking chair or door frame. Nice concept, but too This Old House in its execution. Again, another example of Jeffrey Campbell just slapping anything together.
Crystallization by Iris van Herpen x United Nude - $995.00,
LUST LUST LUST! We've featured the Iris van Herpen x United Nude Synthesia boot before and had to give props to their other collaboration design. Utterly sexy, utterly unique, this style comes in three colors and also with chains instead of leather laces woven all over. I'm dying, I'm dead.

United Bamboo 2011 Cat Calendar + Human Versions

United Bamboo has done it again, releasing it's second "Cat Calendar" that features real designs from their collections in kitty-size--it actually looks like quite a nice calendar. I was able to track down the actual pieces they used to style the confused-to-sultry cats. The feline stylists pulled from as far back as 2009. I'm sure the hefty $50 price for a calendar won't be deterring any of the lonely, cubicle-dwelling, cat-loving fashionistas out there.

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