Current Hero: Porn Revolutionary Cindy Gallop

UK-born New Yorker Cindy Gallop is an endlessly chic, intelligent, confident, articulate entrepreneur who also happens to maintain a "stable" of twenty-something men she sleeps with and watches hardcore porn on the reg--we love her! Founder of, she's taking strides to re-educate the country about sex where, due to a lack of comprehensive, frank and realistic sex education, the exponentially prevalent hardcore porn industry becomes the baseline. Not only that, her apartment is unbelievably badass. 

Designed to feel like a "Shanghai nightclub", Gallop's entirely black painted apartment creates an atmosphere that is sleek, slinky and sexy but still welcoming (especially to twenty-something men), plus the dark walls and floors helps highlight her eccentric collection of designer and fea market objets d'art--gold-dipper alligator or Gucci chainsaw anyone? And who wouldn't worship a woman who displayed her shoe collection in the living room because she treats them like art pieces? I can only hope to be lounging in leather and a sharp bob in my sprawling club-chic New York apartment when I'm in my 50s!

See more photos of Cindy Gallop's apartment at The Selby.

Choppers, Chicks & Slick Threads: ODYN VOVK SS13 Video

With anyone remotely interested in fashion being inundated with New York Fashion Week tweets, street style photos, Instagrams and Facebook check-ins at every Manhattan hotspot, here's a welcomed open-air breather from the sartorial Cirque de Soleil at Lincoln Center: ODYN VOVK's video "A Silent Grey" for their latest collection.

 Brainchild of designer and chopper enthusiast Austin Sherbanenko, the Los Angeles-based mens label puts the "male" in malevolent with subtle designs that are the strong, slightly twisted silent type. His pieces are predominantly black and use unique materials like sail cloth and army canvas that are waxed and/or oiled along with animal skins like ostrich, alligator and even, yes, fish leather (how? no clue). Odyn Vovk is rugged in a way that completely turns its back on the prevalent New England/dust bowl looks that seemingly every masculine, stylish man has as his default outfit. Instead, it's the refined graduation from goth, punk or metal that sheds all the studs, chains and subculture frills and heads towards runway edge without venturing into the asexual dsytopian futurism of Rick Owens or Mugler. 

OV is very much grounded in the now, and their latest fashion video shot by Jon Ryan Sugimoto reflects a no-parents-no-schedules-no-rules existence far from all the catwalk hoop-jumping that's been happening this past week. While the clothes are not so much the stars as the motorcycles (because really, how can they not), the video is selling a laid-back lifestyle of sweet bikes, leggy girls, aimless adventures through the LA jungle.

New Surface To Air Video Lays Out The Best Valentine's Fashion Date

She's a lovely model; he's a rich dude-guy with a sweet vintage car. The beautiful couple are getting away from their hoards of admirers in the city to a villa in France or Italy or whatever. They laze, they live, they love--I'm livid (completely jealous). OR she's a college mistress and he's a cheating father of three. But either way...
 Surface to Air released their utterly romantic Spring/Summer fashion video entitled "Lazy" in perfect timing with Valentine's Day. Surely the fashionistas trudging through the last hours of New York Fashion Week will be Versace green with envy when they see the stylishly lethargic video. Don't we all wish we could lounge by the pool, drink oddly green cocktails and hammock the day away with a babe right now?

Click through to see more lazy looks from Surface to Air SS12:
The only unfortunate thing about releasing the video now is that a number of items are not available yet. But a teaser it is, and teased we are!
Track Shorts V1 - $210 (really?)

Can't be bothered to greet the boif.

3/4 Patched Jeans - $170

"Put the fucking keys down, remember what happened to the Maserati?"
Zulu Shirt V2 - $150

Perfectly matched umbrellas to this photo and below.
Long Cardigan V1 - $200

Doesn't that hurt your boobs?
Savana Shorts V3 - Soon Available

"Babe, we'll get you a wheelchair one day."

Lime Dress V1 - $320; Him: Modern Cowboy Shirt - Soon Available

 "Put Flo Rida on." (P.S. what car model/year is this?)

Zulu Shirt V1 - $160; Dede Dungarees V2 - Soon Available


On a non-video note, stoked to see collar tips surface for their menswear this season. Gives a very Johnny Cash vibe, as the name would suggest.

What do you think of Surface to Air's new collection and fashion video?

Thierry Mugler by Nicola Formichetti Short Film feat. Lady Gaga's Exclusive "Born This Way" Remix

Yes, those tattoos are real.
Considering how simple stylist Nicola Formichetti dresses, he has a truly dark and innovative mind for his A/W 2011 menswear debut collection at Milan Fashion Week. Can't wait to see what Mugler will come up for womenswear. Lady Gaga runway cameo?

Kate Moss + Antony & the Johnsons for Balmain

Not part of the burgeoning fashion collection videos trend, this simple continuous shot of Kate Moss modeling with animation layered over it makes for a beautiful albeit awkward voyeur experience. Dutch fashion photographer duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin were shooting for Balmain's fall 2010 ad campaign and created this video with the help of artist Jo Ratcliffe.

Featuring the haunting song "Everglade" by the ghostly Antony & the Johnsons, the photographers covertly set up surveillance cameras to capture a genuine insider's look. They wanted to blur the lines of reality and create a "half horror, half Disney" "Surrealist" experience. Not unlike a day of dropping acid, the supermodel writhes on the couch whilst being molested by color and a number of animated forces--including tentacles. The less Disney, more Burton-esque drawings combined with an orchestral soundtrack made for an eerily charming piece.

Here's is the resulting ad:

Love / Lust: XX Tortoise Sunglasses x Lady Gaga Blackmail Shades

Beached Tortoise Shades - $80.00, Alexandra Cassaniti
Don't these scream "leave me the fuck alone?" Love the vintage shape and print with the thick modern stems and lenses. And at $80, it's actually a pretty decent price.

GL20 Camera Sunglasses - N/A, Polaroid Grey Label by Lady Gaga
After being named Creative Director of Polarois last year, Lady Gaga unveiled her "Grey Label" line of electronics for Polaroid this past week at the Cosumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Although still in the prototype stage, Gaga's camera sunglasses can not only take pictures and video, but display them as well and send images via Bluetooth technology to her less fashionable Grey Label wireless printer. These are a streamlined version of her onstage digital screen glasses, but with the capabilities to discreetly spy, make sex tapes and render anyone around you instantly blackmailable.

Watch Gaga talk tech at CES 2011:

To make your own video sunglasses à la Gaga, visit this DIY tutorial.

HD Buttercup Opening - Official Photos & Video

Some much better visual coverage of the Unique LA / Apartment 3 + KidViskous grand opening at HD Buttercup. Thank you to the over 1600 people who attended!

Photos by Justin Sullivan, and video by The Video Mouse. Enjoy!

Tiffany got caught snapping

HD Buttercup: Design Center Grand Opening from Chris Laughter : The Video Mouse on Vimeo.

More photos (like, 100 more) after the jump.

Levi's "Go Forth" Campaign

I don't watch much TV, so I'm probably far behind on this, but I was blown away by this 2009 Levi's commercial that is part of their current "Go Forth" campaign. Directed by Cary Fukunaga, the TV spot was created by the geniuses at Wieden+Kennedy, the same ad agency responsible for the viral Old Spice Guy videos. The narration is believed to be a recording of poet Walt Whitman himself, reciting his piece, "America" around 1890. 

Levi's is in the unique position to have a significant stake in American history, because they invented the basic jeans design that became essential to the laborers who build this country. It's hard to believe the now omnipresent jean was only sold as workwear up until the 1950's. That was the decade when jeans became a fashion item, a staple within the first American youth subcultures like greasers and teddy boys. So when railroad workers, miners, ranchers, lumberjacks and the like toiled and endured the hardships that strengthened and defined America, Levi's was there with them--interesting to think about. Read my interview with Adriano Goldschmied to learn more about denim's historical significance.

But back to the commercial, while a ploy to sell fashion, it beautifully captures the essence of America and what it means to be a part of it--the worker, the common man. Maybe I'm just geeking out, but I appreciate the immense creativity that goes into bringing such gravitas to a simple pair of pants.

On the flip side, who can forget this provocative Levi's commercial directed by Michel Gondry. According to Gondry's Wiki page, his "Drugstore" spot holds the record for "Most Awards Won By a TV Commercial" in the 2004 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Whatever you're doing Levi's, keep doing it.