Mouthpiece of Los Angeles Fashion for Europe

A few months ago, I was commissioned to write several articles about the state of Los Angeles denim and fashion for Style In Progress magazine based in Austria. Myself and my good friend, art photographer Job Piston, set out on a interesting day touring several places around Los Angeles in a stretch Escalade limousine full of buyers from the top boutiques in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

This trip included a tour of the Rose Bowl Flea Market's best denim inspirations led by denim guru Adriano Goldschmied, who I later interviewed at the Modrian Hotel in Hollywood. Adriano is a truly fascinating and inspiring man, building multiple empires from nothing and is still predicting the future of denim well into his 60s.

Monkey in the middle

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Mike Hodis of Rising Sun had a extraordinary boutique that mirrored the denim shops from the early 1900's, making exact replicas of those styles using the same vintage machines and fabric. The workshop is located in the back of the store like how they were in old times--and he also drives a gorgeous original Ford automobile from the same era.

HLNR, the first eco-friendly boutique that features massive solar panels and a unique selection of clothing mostly from Japan.

6 LA brands making a statement from the past 5 years: Skin.Graft, Wren, Dimepiece, JOYRICH, Wilfox Couture and Lead Derby