"Restless Soul" Dennis Lyxzén of Refused on His Latest Musical Evolution, INVSN

Patron saint of hardcore punk Dennis Lyxzén has yet again flexed his title as one of underground rock's most prolific Renaissance men with his latest musical incarnation, INVSN (pronounced "invasion"). Devoid of the raging guitars and signature screams of Lyxzén's iconic band Refused, or his '70s punk-inspired band AC4, INVSN's moody sound is possessed with the '80s New Wave souls of Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen on up to the modern broodings of the XX and Soft Moon. INVSN revels in their own shade of black, while effusing the same fundamental political undertones that have always laid smoldering beneath its members' creations.

"I always want to challenge myself and what I'm doing," said singer Dennis Lyxzén over the phone from his native Sweden last week. "Restless soul. I never stick with anything, I always move forward." In his forward trajectory, Lyxzén brought along drummer Andre Sandström and guitarist Anders Stenberg, with whom for ten years he had been playing music and touring with. Rounding off the band is bassist Sara Almgren from Lyxzén's garage-infused band the (International) Noise Conspiracy.


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