The Unabridged History of Miley Cyrus's Foam Finger

In the fallout of Miley Cyrus's provocative, headline-making performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, a new star has risen over the horizon: that manicured foam finger. Stylist and fashion host Lisa Katnic shares the journey of the finger's rise to prominence from editorial rejection to poking Robin Thicke's crotch on national television.

"I actually made [Miley's foam finger] a year ago for an editorial, but it didn't make it in," Katnic told Y! Music this week. A similar one with a tribal tattoo did however make the monster truck-themed shoot that was made in conjunction with an episode of Katnic's own fashion web series, "LisaTV."

Dejected, but hopeful, the foam finger made its way to the set of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" where Katnic was hired to style the sexy background models. Yes, she is also responsible for creating those repeatedly-spoofed white and clear vinyl outfits. Katnic pointed out that the foam finger did indeed make it into the video this time, after happening to bring it to set on a whim. You can see the finger covering a nude model's chest for a brief moment. Not bad for a first gig.

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